Shearwater Recovery Techniques

I know this is a little off topic, since this is a BUILDER'S forum, but does anyone here have experience with recovery techs in Shearwaters? Went out to practice today in the lake:

1. "Ladder". FAIL. It seems like the stern is too buoyant, and I can't straddle it without re-capsising the 'yak.

2. "Cowboy Scramble". FAIL.  It seemed too tippy-couldn't get my body far enough across the boat without wearing it like a hat.

3. Eskimo Roll. INCOMPLETE. I didn't have a full spray skirt.

4. Paddle Float "T"  Re-Entry. PASS. It seemed like it would have been easier with a wider boat. I also found that I could get 90% of the water out  by lifting an end, but only with the aid of the float.

I realize I'm new at this, and I need practice, but is there a preferred method of re-entering this kayak? Has anyone ever heard of the "Rat Swim"? It looks like you place your legs in the cockpit & use the paddle float to lever up, kind of like an interrupted Eskimo Roll.

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RE: Shearwater Recovery Techniques

go to youtube and look up reentry and roll.  much quicker than paddle float.  in the footage i saw, the paddler did not try to reattach the spray skirt.  I imagine you have to have a good grasp of what it takes to roll in the first place (cockpit fit, sculling to get you started from upside down to on your side, hip flick, keeping the torso close to the deck, etc).  I haven't done it myself, as I mostly paddle placid waters and have achieved a good cowboy scramble on my boat.  


RE: Shearwater Recovery Techniques

for the scramble or paddle float keep your body LOW  pull yourself twoard the bow past the cokpit so your but is over the seat , quicly sit and then tuck your legs in.for any eskimo roll  try it with an extended paddle and wear a mask to learn it it gives you alot more time to think

RE: Shearwater Recovery Techniques


 I'm going to say I think you just need more practice in the boat.  None of the reentries are particularly "easy" in any boat.  The Shearwater may be slightly more difficult than a lot of production plastic boats, just because it's a narrower beam but generally speaking, if you can do it in one boat, you can do it any boat.  

Keep practicing and you'll find it gets easier. 


RE: Shearwater Recovery Techniques

Thanks for the responses. I saw some good videos on youtube for the reenty and roll. I'm going to try it, because I think the SW's narrow beam might help it  flip back over more easily?

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