Epoxy Blemish

I glassed and put on the wet out coat on my Auk.

The next day I put on the first fill coat. I didn't wipe it down or sand at all before putting the fill coat on. I put the fill coat on with a foam roller, but didn't tip it off with a foam brush. I sanded that down, and it appeared as if it smoothed nicely.

I vacumed the surface, lightly went over it with a tack cloth, and then wiped it down with a clean wet cloth. About 30 hours later I applied the second fill coat as I did before, but, this time I tipped it off with a foam roller. It looks like I could sand it, and all minor spots would easly be removed, but there a few spots, the biggist is slightly larger than a pencil eraser, that look like something kept the epoxy from flowing into it.

After it cures, can I tape off those areas, sand them, and then spot treat them with more epoxy? If I can do that, it looks like I can go right up through 180 or 200 grit without touching or seeing the weave.

I don't want to strive for mediocrity, but, I may not be that good at it yet.      Thank You!!

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RE: Epoxy Blemish

They're call fish eyes and it's the tack cloth causing it. It contains silicone which contaminated the epoxy surface and kept the new epoxy from sticking. Never ever use a tack cloth with epoxy.

Sand & wash it clean and reapply new epoxy, but this time use a clean cotton cloth wet with denatured alcohol to clean off the dust.

Good luck,



RE: Epoxy Blemish

I wondered when I used it, but they have been around forever, so I thought it was safe.

Do you think, that when I can sand, if it looks loke I went deep enough and still have epoxy coverage over the cloth, that I can avoid another fill coat?


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