Release hull from the forms

Need a little advise on releasing the hull from the forms on my Auk 17.

I had seperated the deck from the forms so I could glass the outside of the hull. The outer hull is glassed, and I was going to remove the forms and glass the inside of the hull. I am having a little trouble getting the inner stems and the .5, 1, 16, and 16.5 forms to release from the hull. My thought was to cut the strongback in the center so I could get a little pry leverage in the bow and stern. If I do that, I loose the integrity of the forms when I want to put the deck on them to glass it.

Would the best choice be to put the deck back on the forms, glass the outer deck, and then cut the strongback so I can remove it from the hull?...or does anybody have a suggestion for how I can get the hull released without damaging the hull or strongback.    TKS


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RE: Release hull from the forms

check out nick page

if you put packing tape around the forms first hey will release easyer next time

RE: Release hull from the forms

Thanks for the link. I had already watched it, and did have tape on the forms. I must have had too much glue squeeze out and take hold. Gonna try again this morning to get the ends to release. If it doesn't go well, I think I will re-install the deck, glass it, and then cut the strongback to get the forms out of the hull.

RE: Release hull from the forms

I have not built this boat so excuse me if I insert things that don't apply, but it seems to me that when you glass the exterior of the deck as I did on my Shearwater H, you will glass down over the sheer, sealing the deck to the hull.  At that point how do you plan to get all the forms and strong back out?


RE: Release hull from the forms

Because I'm not at the phase where I will join the deck to the hull, I plan on inserting wax paper between the hull and deck so there is no attachment. If I understand correctly, the order with which I glass, i.e. outer hull, outer deck...inner hull, inner deck.....full hull, then full deck, is less important than making sure it all gets done thoroughly, and then the two are joined. This is a first build, so I find that I forget a thing or two as I go. All in all...I'm doing OK.

I was able to get the hull released from the forms. I just had to be a little less timid when I was whacking the chisel between the inner stems and end forms.    TKS

RE: Release hull from the forms


I did have some trouble getting my hull and deck to release from my strongback, and I had to use a rubber mallet to tap at each form to release them. I also used a putty knife to wedge between the forms and the hull/deck and gently pry them apart. That helped to release some of my glue drips between the hull/deck and the forms. Some of the smallest forms broke apart whenever I tapped at them. I also took the screws out of some of my forms to help convince the forms to move whenever I tapped them with the mallet.

Hope this helps,

Chris F

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