Compass Rose Inlay/Onlay

I purchased a decorative compass rose onlay for my wood duck 14', and was just wondering if there's a certain "correct" place for this on the boat?

I've always seen them on the top deck just forward of the cockpit area, but can these go anywhere on the kayak?

Was thinking of putting it top deck just BEHIND the cockpit front of the hatch.

I just didn't want to be a complete buffoon and break some kind of dark secret superstitious mariner time rule..kind of like a "don't ever leave port on a Friday, don't take any women on board, and always put your decorative compass rose on the front of your deck" kind of thing..

I know, silly..If it were a real compass I'd know the answer, but wanted to check before I epoxied anything and sealed my fate.


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RE: Compass Rose Inlay/Onlay

Ha ha ha...   No sealing fate allowed.....   I put my rose on the foredeck, just ahead of the combing so that I could see it & enjoy it.  No tradition to thwart, but placing it aft would open yourself up to the obvious " can you "read" the compass from there?..."  comments.  Two other consideration points I had;  One, I have a Sapale deck and did not want to cover up any great grain patterns and, two; I wanted the rose to not be covered by the deck rigging.   

 I applied it before 'glassing and used plastic electric tape to hold it while drying.  Worked out very well, two bow dolphin and two compass roses later, still looking great....   ~BRUCE~

RE: Compass Rose Inlay/Onlay


Thanks for the reply...I opted to take your advice and locate it on the'll look good there, I'm sure, and won't be in the way of any rigging.

Why upset the water gods if you don't have to  :)

Thanks Much,



RE: Compass Rose Inlay/Onlay

Putting it on the back deck might start some great conversations. 

Tell them you always paddle backward because it's more exciting if you do not know what is ahead.

Tell them you read it by ESP and its closer to your head there than in front of the cockpit.

Tell them your brother pulled a trick on you and mounted the cockpit backward one night.


I'm sure others can come up with even better reasons.

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