Boyscout 17s in Canada (long post)

We have returned to Montana after our 10 day trip to Bowron Lakes park in British Columbia Canada.  Bowron is said to be one of the 10 best Canoe trips in the world and I would certainly not disagree.  even though it rained much of the time the scenery was so spectacular as to be beyond words to describe.  Hopefully a few pictures will suffice.  We took 12 boats up.  We were suprised to find that Kayaks were not all that usual on the circuit.  Certainly we were a select group of home made boats.  daniel

This was my son Daniel and his boat on the first day, loaded with food and gear.

The Mountains are thick with trees and heavy with moisture.  The weather changes in a matter of minutes.


The camping sites are some of the best I have seen and are set up for both small and large groups.  Some landings are sand and some are a little rocky

As you might suspect, the water is a bit brisk in the morning!

It is also a bit brisk in the afternoon!

Here is a picture of our fleet on about day 4.

It is not just lakes and portages, there is a little adventure at the end of the longest lake, Izzak and the boys spend some time practicing thier skills in current.

This is me and my boat before my turn to play in the current.

There was all kinds of scenery to be had.

I was amazed at how much gear you could actually fit inside one boat.  I was also glad that they got lighter as the trip progressed.

as we paddled through the rivers and interlake channels it was easy to spot all kinds of animals and beautiful vegitation.

After a week on the lakes it was time to load up the boats and go home

Bowron lakes park is a series of lakes and streams that you can navigate in such a way that you travel in a circle and essentially end up right where you started without having crossed the same lake twice.  While on the trip there are side trips to waterfalls  fishing lakes and other hiking opertunities.  

This is a trip of a lifetime and rain or shine it is worth doing if you have the chance. 

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RE: Boyscout 17s in Canada (long post)


That's a great post. I can tell that I'll be coming back to look at it quite a bit. Love the moose. How were the skeeters? BTW, didn't you read the ad copy that says that these are not white water boats? Never really believed that myself, either.

Thanks for the pictures,


RE: Boyscout 17s in Canada (long post)

Each day we paddled between 7 and 12 miles and by the time we were through we had covered more than 70 miles.  Can't say enough positive things about the CLC Creature Comfort Seat. I may start pulling it out and taking it with me to stadiums, arenas, concert halls, etc. 

 The skeeters were about the size of robins and plenty of them.  The bug juice worked pretty well on them but there were these tiny black buggers that ignored the juice and bit like heck.  Luckily, when out on the water the bugs were not really an issue. (probably the result or cause of obese trout) 


RE: Boyscout 17s in Canada (long post)

Excellent pictures, looks like a great trip. Thanks for sharing.

RE: Boyscout 17s in Canada (long post)


My daughter & I actually left the same day as your Boy Scouts and a few girls to do Bowron on July 25th.  I did the trip a few years ago in my Shearwater but this time I took my 16 yr old daughter in our red Canoe.  We met briefly but departed at different times after the orientation.  We ran into the moose at #8 and then a bear at #12 so we ended up at #16 on the first night.   My daughter said Bowron was like the Jungle Cruise ride at Disneyland -- all fun and lots of wildlife.  Good to see your scouts had a great time too!.  Yes, a little rain but stayed dry.

DarrylDaughter at Bowron

RE: Boyscout 17s in Canada (long post)

It is amazing to see so many CLC kayaks in one place in my neck of the woods (Pac NW).  This is major Pygmy territory around here.  I have been getting strange looks from other builders here when I tell them that I am building a CLC sail rig.  

 Anyway, great post, looks like it was a great trip, I only wish we had a trip like this when I was in the scouts, alas, east Texas can't compete with BC! 

RE: Boyscout 17s in Canada (long post)

This is a shameless bump, but it was a neat picture of some kayak fun.

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