Wood Duck/ porpoise collision

 I've never heard of this happening before. We were paddling our ducks last weekend on a drop dead gorgeous day with plenty of birds to watch. At one point we had a pair of Roseated Spoonbills circleing above us with the sun lighting up their pink wings. Just when things can't get any better look what happens, talk about icing on the cake!



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RE: Wood Duck/ porpoise collision

Cool. Where were you?

RE: Wood Duck/ porpoise collision

 Hi Ludwigd.

 We live in Jacksonville Fl and the area we were padling is Pumpkin Hill Creek. Nice remote and pristine paddle. Not out of the ordinary at all to see a porpoise or two but I've never heard of one running into a boat. Has me wondering if it has something to do with the wood hull or maybe the graphite/epoxy bottom.

 Any input out there?

 We have also been in waters and heard grunting and clicking sounds apparently coming from the bottom of the yaks, hear the same thing in our wooden skiff so I'm guessing the wooden hull tends to conduct or possibly amplify sound.

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