stray epoxy

I am sure everyone has accidently dropped epoxy on unfinished wood. 

Seriously, no matter how quickly I attempt to clean it , it seems to have soaked in to the wood; I have used acetone and vinger, but still there are shadows of the drop.  With plywood you could sand it, but the original patina will be lost and end up sanding the whole piece, or sand thur the layer.  Any suggestions on how to deal with this problem we all have experienced?

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RE: stray epoxy

I think if you epoxy over the whole piece that stain would go away but I would do a test piece frist.

RE: stray epoxy

They do go away if you are epoxying over the wood later.  It happened to me when I epoxied the puzzle joints together on both of my wood duck projects.  No harm done!!


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