Hybrid surfski based on Pax 20

Have been building a timber surfski. I started out with a Pax 20 hull as the basis for the project but have played around with the sheer line an beam width/location. Part 1 http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=AU#/watch?v=AAZVumRW3bU Part 2 http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=AU#/watch?v=aTUO1ZZ3lY8 I'm aiming for 15kg but that might be a bit optimistic. 16kg should be achievable. Eventually, I plan to add stripped decks using Paulownia to keep weight down but will probably fix temporary ply or skin decks for in the first instance.

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RE: Hybrid surfski based on Pax 20

How very interesting.  I can't get your links to do anything, but still.  A 16 kg hybrid surfski?  wow.  open deck, i.e., sit-on-top?  can you update us w/photos on flickr or somewhere?  a ski paddler friend of mine advocates sliding foot braces, if you plan to lend out the boat.  

I have heard 2nd hand that boat builder in Hawaii thins epoxy with acetone or denatured alcohol while laying fiberglass to reduce the resin weight.  this information was a bit late for me, as I had already glassed the kayak I'm just finishing.  I hope that helps.

Hey, if using skin decks, can you just lay fiberglass on them?

RE: Hybrid surfski based on Pax 20

http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=AU#/watch?v=AAZVumRW3bU http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=AU#/watch?v=aTUO1ZZ3lY8 Try these. otherwise, youtube and search for "modified Pax 20" Cheers

RE: Hybrid surfski based on Pax 20

Messy. Probably best to do a you tube search for Modified pax 20 . there are 2 vids, part 1 & 2 i'm on an ipad and can't link. Cheers

RE: Hybrid surfski based on Pax 20

Regarding the adjustable foot plate; I have an adjustable foot plate setup that I have salvaged from a ski that I smashed. it weighs 770 grams and I might use it or parts of it. A fixed setup wth a day hatch can be built lighter. i' planning on trying a range of cockpit options before making permanent with epoxy. probably even fit temporary decks (ply or skin) until I get details such as trim, rudder setup sorted

Good luck!

saw the videos.  I like it times 2.  seeing the sheer clamps on the top hull panels  reminded me how after gluing the deck on my West River 180 , I had thought, jeez, Pygmy boats leaves those OUT!  At 1.5 oz per foot, that was 54 ounces that I could have left off the boat.  

You started from a kit? plans or just wood parts?  I like what you're doing.  Ya hate to just toss the cockpit from the old ski.

Venue:  Florida?  

best to you



RE: Hybrid surfski based on Pax 20

Sheer clamps are fairly important in this build for a few reasons. the side panels are only 3mm and very flimsy; there is no access to the bow area or stern. even if there was the entry angle is very fine so very difficult to access; the cockpit area looses a lot of structural integrity because there is no deck/coaming, the sheer clamp alone will not help much so will have to be beefed up. leg hump will help out as well. My sheer clamps are only 1/2" instead of 3/4 so I have saved a bit there. I probably don't need the intermediate bulkheads when I add the stripped decks so I may chop them out but they are handy at this stage.

i won't throw out the FG cockpit as i may use it down the track. Maybe another ski or possibly an open cockpit kayak. Our climate suits this type of boat.

I don't think SOT is a very good term for a proper surfski. Seating position is very low which gives them much better stability than you would expect. Just as low as kayak. Can't argue with the term open cockpit kayak though. I'm suprised that we don't see more being built by warm climate builders. I have always thought that we should see more of this sort of thing http://www.howesurfskis.com/html/sea_kayaks.html

I purchased pax 20 plans but have only used the offsets to get me started. Because I have played around with sheer and beam, the bulkheads are different. I did incorprate the stern flair but didn't add the bow flare.


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