Getting to water

When my Kaholo is complete I need a way to transport Two Kayaks and Kaholo to water. I'm not worried about room on rack I'm wondering if strapping Kaholo on side on padded rack is okay? I will be using upright roof rack for support. 



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RE: Getting to water

I have a finished Kaholo and I see no problem carrying it on the side, nor does my Yakama dealer rack guru. It's a tough board. I think mounting it on edge is okay. Windage from a side view board might be a problem in a crosswind. I may try it in the future since my daughter, board user, wants to rack two boards  - on a neon = dinky car. My choice is stack them or go side by side vertical - Yakama frowns on two side by side flat boards that size - 14' - not to mention two side by side won't fit on dinky car rack.

RE: Getting to water

I would only carry Kaholo on edge between two kayaks so wind shouldn't be a big factor. I would carry it flat if not taking with two kayaks. I drive a Forester so haven't have any issuses with wind yet.

Thanks for input


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