Protecting Wood Duckling Bottom?

I'm approaching the end of a Wood Duckling project for my 6-year-old grandson. I plan to use the Dynel rub strips fore and aft, and to use a graphite coating on the bottom, but I think it is reasonable to expect that any kid, especially a 6-year-old, will drag a boat to the water more often than carry it. I'm thinking an extra strip of fiberglass tape on each side of the center line, covered by a third strip along the center line, with all of them feathered in smoothly, might be a good idea. I don't think it will add too much extra weight, and I don't think it will interfere too much with slippery-ness of the hull. Anyone see any downside?


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RE: Protecting Wood Duckling Bottom?

I built a duckling for my daughter (now 5). It's so light the scratches so far appear to be only paint, so I don't think you need to do too much other than keep the varnish/paint in good order once a year.

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