Kaholo - help...I made a mistake

Looks like I did a really stupid thing and when I glued my shear clamps on the side panels I did not make mirror images but rather I made them the same so I now don't have a right and left.    I assume I can not get the shear clamp off of the side panel now that it is glued?   Doesn't seem like I can.

I e-mailed CLC just now to see about getting a couple new sections sent out so I can do it right this time.   Unless someone has another idea?

What a stupid thing to do.

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RE: Kaholo - help...I made a mistake

Remove clamp by Electric planer followed by hand plane followed by sander. Fully painted hull or painted strip along sheer to cover damage if any.

RE: Kaholo - help...I made a mistake

Thanks.   Problem is I don't have some of those tools and am leaning toward not painting that area.   Hoping to hear back from CLC next week when they are open and hoping it doesn't cost too much to just re-order those peices.   They aren't at all large peices so I am hopeful it will be reasonable.  

Thanks for your reply.   It may be where I am headed if I need to.

Merry Christmas

RE: Kaholo - help...I made a mistake

Anothe option could be to make you own pieces using original as a template.

RE: Kaholo - help...I made a mistake


It takes a lot of guts to admit to a stupid mistake.  God knows, we have all been there, done that.  My latest was scarfing strips for the deck of my wood duck 12.  I was doing research on 10 foot kayaks, as I was thinking of building one for my son next.  Somehow I managed to make 11 foot strips form my 12 foot kayak.  I was thinking that 11 feet will be plenty for a 10 foot boat.  By the way, I'm a semi-professional boat builder with many years of experience.  So, don't feel bad and don't think it won't happen again.  We are all human.

So, on to correcting your mistake. Getting that piece off is going to cause damage to the outer veneer of the plywood.  Your idea of getting new pieces is probably the best, but your timing is terrible.  CLC is closed for most of the holidays.   If you have access to marine ply, you can make your own as suggested but a 4X8 sheet goes for around $60 around here.

One last suggestion, and this is way out of the box. Order another kit and build two Kaholo's.  Just make two left pieces (or right) with the new kit.

Happy Holidays, and remember, it's just wood.



RE: Kaholo - help...I made a mistake

I'm pretty new at this--on my second boat--and not that familiar with the Koholo.  But, if the shear clamps are epoxy-glued and it has not been too long, the folks at CLC often recommend softening the epoxy with a heat gun, enabling you to remove the clamps without damage.  They even say you can use a hair dryer, but I think a heat gun works much better and well worth the small investment.

Again, I am not familiar with the Kaholo at all, but only trying to help.

Good luck and enjoy the New Year either way!

RE: Kaholo - help...I made a mistake

Heat gun should work. Epoxy gets soft at 200 deg +. Hair dryer might be slow going, and a heat gun may be tricky - don't want to scorch the wood. Idea is to get one end lifted with heat and a pry, like a gasket scraper flexible spatula (putty knife) and shoot the heat into the gap and keep working the strip loose. Might take an hour. 

Re: Kaholo - help...I made a mistake

Thanks everyone.  My timing made things even worse cause I left the next day for a one week vacation.   Someone from CLC responded to an e-mail and if I had acted in time, maybe the heat gun would have worked but who knows what it would have done to the side panel anyway.   I broke down and bought new peices and they arrive tomorrow I think.   Expensive I thought for two small sections but I want to do it right so what choice do I have really?

Creative idea about building a second Kaloho and building the next two side panels with two left sides!   Great idea I had not thought of :)

One at a time however.   This isn't a cheap hobby right !?

Hope you all had great holidays.   This may not be my last mistake so you may hear from me again.   This is actually my third build but it has been a few years so I have to get my head back in it I guess.


RE: Kaholo - help...I made a mistake

Well I may have just spent some money unnessarily then but the parts are in the mail so I guess I just have to get past this one and try not to mess up again!!

Thanks all.

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