Surface prep for varnish ?

In November when I first floated my Auk 17, I hadn't yet put the varnish on, or done the end pours..(I really wanted to paddle it).. The end pours were done last month and I am preparing to start the varnish process, so it is ready for a full season come spring.

I have two questions about the pre-varnish surface.

1) I have read in previous posts of various things to wipe the surface with, i.e. mineral spirits, water, denatured alcohol, ect. In one reply while doing epoxy, I was advised not to use tack cloth. What is the best liquid to wipe the surface with prior to the varnish ? ... and should I use a tack cloth or not ? ...

2) The surface has been sanded to 220 grit, there are some spots, which are very small, and dot like, that still shine some, ( the sanding didn't quite get to the gloss) I can't feel them, I just see them. ... I can live with the idea that there may be a slight difference in the feel, but will the varnish stick to the shiney spots the same as it will to the sanded spots ?I don't mind the work....I just don't want to over sand.  I plan on 4 coats of varnish.  

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RE: Surface prep for varnish ?


I wiped mine off with some 333 on a paper towel then a a dry paper towel, no tack cloth. That stuff is pretty nasty so you want to get the rags outside asap and have the windows open. Not to mention a good respirator.

I also had a few spots (fish eyes) that I chose to ignore. The varnish filled them in pretty well. I did 4 coats on my Auk and stopped there. I could have wet sanded and done one more coat, but decided to give it a season and go for the coffee table finish next year.


RE: Surface prep for varnish ?

Thanks, I will try the 333 and then start varnishing.

RE: Surface prep for varnish ?

If your varnish doesn't flow out nicely, you can add a dash of 333 to slow down the varnish so it does flow better.

RE: Surface prep for varnish ?

If the bpoat is epoxy coated, just wash it. Wet sanding qualifies as a wash job. After that, tack it off and apply varnish.

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