Kaholo Stitching Question

The plans show and picture the bulkheads stitched in place in two locations (one high and one low) on the bottom right of page 23.   But the peices with the kit only have one set of double drilled holes, along with one single hole in the same line.   Are we too drill extras to make the line at the bulkheads double stiched?   If so, is the single hole that comes pre-drilled, intended to be the front or the back of the bulkhead section?


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RE: Kaholo Stitching Question

I'll try to sort this out. Most pof the bulkheads are double stitched high on theto the bottom, but I see in my plan book the front bulkhead has one hole for the bottom.  That will work, but I belive I double punched mine since I cut oiut my own parts and I think the parts sheet showed two holes for the bottom.  One would work.

The high holes are to cinch the bulkhead to the sides.  That wire should lift the bulkhead to the chine strip, or if you're stitching deck down pull the bulkhead down to the chine strip.


I don't understand "front or back". The holes go through the bulkhead and there is no front or back issue. 

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