Switching for Mas to West System??

I am concerned about running out of epoxy on my build but so far I am not sure if it will happen or not.   In calling around town, there is nobody around here that is selling the Mas epoxy I am currently using.   If I do need to purchase some to finish to the job can I switch to West System brand or can you not put different products over top one another?

I know I can order it online and wait for it....just wondering if one day I am in a bind and need to go pick some up, can I go with West?

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RE: Switching for Mas to West System??


I did just that on my Northeaster Dory (used it on the skeg and the skeg filet). No problems. The West seems to be a little less hard when fully cured than the MAS, but it painted just like the MAS.

Good luck.


RE: Switching for Mas to West System??

Did it sand out just as well as the MAS?   If I run out I suspect it will be on the top and I was just trying to determine if it is worth mail ordering the Mas or if they really just aren't that different.   One product is available 10 minutes from my house and the other I have to order a wait for so I was hoping the West System stuff worked fine and could go over existing Mas stuff with no issues.  

RE: Switching for Mas to West System??

I have used a lot of West Epoxy, for both wood projects and glass projects.  I am now a MAS believer.  One thing about the West Epoxy is you will have to get their special hardner that is clear, otherwise, you will be getting a more amber color.  I will be short epoxy for my Shearwater Sport hybrid, and will use some West for the end pours, but will be ordering more MAS for the final coat.  I have almost enough MAS, or might make it, but don't want to take a chance.

RE: Switching for Mas to West System??

I got a bad batch of MAS from CLC. kit.  After heating and sanding ALL the F/G & resin off the deck of my Wood Duck 12, I switched to West System.

I far prefer West System.  but then I have been using West System for MANY, MANY years with NO problems.  The only reason I used MAS was that it was part of the kit.  Never again, West System all the way....   ~BRUCE~

RE: Switching for Mas to West System??

After setting for a couple months, I used MAS and the epoxy failed to fully cure.  I cleaned the pumps with white vinegar and tried again, it cured perfectly.  Evidently the pumps were gummed up a little and weren't metering correctly after setting for a couple months.  Before the next build, I'll clean the pumps again or use new pumps.

I still have some WEST resin and fast hardener, I'll be using it up on scarfs and other connections that I want to be able to stress after a short cure period.

Scott Denning
Huntington WV

RE: Switching for Mas to West System??

I used West to build a dinghy and MAS to build 2 kayaks.  I much prefer the MAS.  The West will blush.  Ditto what dave10990 said about the amber color.  I had some West laying around, so I used it for my end pours.  I would not use it on any visible areas.

Paul in Phoenix


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