more bolt hole spacing

Can anyone tell me the bolt hole spacing for the keepers foot braces in English measurements? The only metric measurement devices I'v got are my micrometers and need to put the mounts in soon.




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RE: more bolt hole spacing

I've always just used the footbraces themselves as a template for mounting them. If you're drilling through the hull, use a drill bit that fits cleanly  through the mounting hole on the brace. Measure and drill the first hole. Temporarily mount the brace on the *outside* of the hull (noting that you'll either need to use the opposite side footbrace for this, since it's "mirror image", or hold the brace upside down) by using any thing that fits through the hole without "cutting threads" into the plastic. (drill bit, nail, pencil, screw, etc.) Measure the vertical placement for the other end of the brace, (I stick masking tape on the hull so I can see the mark) and drill through the brace for the other hole. As long as you've held the drill at the same angle for both holes, it will be fine. Remove the brace, enlarge the holes by redrilling them with a bigger bit if you need to, do the same thing on the other side, then mount the braces.

If you're using glue-in studs, mount them to the footbraces, position them, then mark their locations (a series of marks on masking tape that fall outside the perimeter of where the epoxy/glass goes will help you be sure that you've got the studs centered-- and double checking with the actual footbrace will ease your mind (or, if you don't want to go through the trouble of keeping the footbrace clean in a wet-epoxy world, create a "dummy stick" by taping a piece of wood to the footbrace and drilling holes through it to match the footbrace).    

hope this helps. worked for me...on 5 kayaks so far.

Julie K.  


RE: more bolt hole spacing


That's pretty slick for the through-hole mounts. The stud mounts always seemed straightforward to get properly aligned, but it never occurred to me that through-holes could be done in a similar way.

Here's an illustration of what you describe for the stud mounts as practiced on a WD12 (but I put the pencil lines directly on the hull).

Chris, 1 inch = 25.4 mm. Google will even calculate it for you. Just type something like "37 mm = ? inch" and hit search to get back the length in inches.


RE: more bolt hole spacing

Hi Laszlo,

  I guess my confusion is wih 37 mm? Shouldn't it be 37 cm? The budget isn't allowing foot rests yet so I'm trying to make ply jig to get by for now.



RE: more bolt hole spacing

Hey Chris,

Sorry, misunderstood your question. From the WD12 manual, the Keepers boltholes are 14  5/8" apart. However, I think you'd be safer going with Julie's method and waiting to drill the holes until after you get the actual hardware in hand.



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