NE Dory mods?

I'm also thinking of a Northeaster Dory, outfitted for sailing. However, I just don't like daggerboards. How amenable is this design to a change to a centerboard? (I built a Shellback Dinghy from plans a while back, and installed a centerboard instead of the designed daggerboard. It was a challenge, but a complete success.) Also, what about a kick-up rudder for the NE Dory? (Did that for the Shellback too, and I never regretted it.) Appreciate any experience-based words of wisdom. Thanks.


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RE: NE Dory mods?

I built with a swing centerboard and like it a lot. The trunk extends aft of the center seat but I can still row from there. I didn't build a kick up rudder because the depolyed CB draws much more than the rudder.   SEEYA Jack

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