Duckling coming along

Hi, all:

I'm in the middle of my second Wood Duckling (third in the WD family) and this time around I've made the plunge into a construction modification: using sheer clamps instead of wiring the deck to the hull and using a long-handled brush to roll out epoxy-saturated fiberglass tape into the joint. On the two previous boats, this was the messiest, most stressful part of the building.

I may come to regret this change, what with the rolling bevel of the sheer angle, but so far things seem to be going well. I'm documenting every step of the experience in photos and notes, so if you have any interest in my approach to sheer clamps, you'll find it (so far) on Days 20 and 21 of my builder's log. You get to that by going to and clicking on the Jim Norman Boats tab on the left.


Jim Norman

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RE: Duckling coming along

I put in a little more work on the sheer clamp today, so it's Days 20, 21 and 22. So far, all seems to be going according to plan.


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