S.O.T. fishing kayak

Any ideas if there is any demand for a sit-on-top fishing kayak in the works?  I was thinking of something along the lines of a paddle board, only with a seat back and shallow storage compartments.

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RE: S.O.T. fishing kayak

i've always thought the Sea Island Sport would make a great fishing S.O.T.

RE: S.O.T. fishing kayak

I'm looking at this as my next build for fishing on Puget Sound, WA for salmon, halibut, crab and shrimp. finishing my Chesapeake 17, this week, if the weather warms above 40'.

Question; where does the cockpit drain go, from construction site, I don't see a through hull drain, would a bilge pump be an addition? For fishing I'd have a fish finder installed with battery.

RE: S.O.T. fishing kayak

I too am interested in the SIS as a fishing kayak. There is definately a drain at the front (lowest) end of the cockpit. It would be nice to add a recessed storage area behind the cockpit which would require a drain. It would also be useful to add or build in a compartment between the legs in the cockpit for fish finders etc. My feeling is these features could be added without too much difficulty, but probably best done working from plans rather than a kit to avoid having to hack up nicely pre-cut panels.

RE: S.O.T. fishing kayak

Ask this question myself awhile ago. Here is the answer ireceived.


The water is transported to a distant desert planet. No, not really. There's a scupper that goes out the bottom of the boat. The holes, four of 'em, are already cut in the kit bottom panels and there's a "box", for lack of a better term, that connects them with the hole in the cockpit. Works really well. I suppose if not built correctly the water could end up in the hull but that's not really the best situation.

George K

RE: S.O.T. fishing kayak

OK, has anyone actually built the Sea Island and rigged it for fishing? Trying to make up my mind on it or a JEM Watercraft model.

RE: S.O.T. fishing kayak

I've built the SIS and rigged it for sea fishing. I made a few additions:  rudder, hinged hatches, navigation lights, fish finder, 5 rod holders, anchor running rig, lots of cleats, venturi cockpit drain with valve, thigh braces, flag, beach wheels, moulded seat, tackle box, anchor storage, sea anchor storage.

Its a great yak to fish from - very stable, plenty of room. Had it out in flat, chop, surf, wind, sun, rain. Always gets admiring looks on the beach!

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