Deck Stripping, Weight, Symmetry

I'm stripping the deck of a SW17 Hybrid, using Western Red Cedar and Alaskan Yellow Cedar (I milled my own strips). I thought of a design that consists of stripping the deck with opposite colors , left & right, forward of the cockpit, and the pattern reversed aft of the cockpit. Left forward light, right forward dark, left aft dark, right aft light-a sort of "harlequin" pattern, if you can visualize.

I wouldn't worry about it if ALL my strips were the same approximate weight, but they aren't. The AYC weighs almost 50% more than the WRS. The deck already has 2 full-length AYS strips on each Shear edge, and center Kingplanks fore & aft. The pattern I'm considering would take up about 60% of the deck area. I hoped that it would be okay, since neither HALF (right or left)  of the deck would weigh more than the other half, but I'm still somehow worried that it would make the boat "cranky". Ore maybe I'm worried about nothing- it would make no difference?


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RE: Deck Stripping, Weight, Symmetry


I doubt you have anything to worry about. First, the weight of the 60% of deck strips is probably a small fraction of the total boat weight once you add glass and resin and rigging (and pilot).

Second, out in the real world of paddling, you're always compensating for wind, current, and differences in right/left arm strength.



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