MAS epoxy shelf life

I came across some jugs of MAS resing and slow harderner in my garage today, I would guess they are about 2 years old, and have likely gone through a few freeze cycles. Anybody know if this stuff is still uasble or should I get some new and properly dispose of this batch ??



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RE: MAS epoxy shelf life

yep, still usable. But I'd mix a small sample to satisfy myself. 

RE: MAS epoxy shelf life

"should" be usable.

Most of my experience is with West, but to the extent they're all the same basic ingredients...


The hardeners are a little hygroscopic, so unless well sealed it's toast. Even sealed, the hardeners will slightly react over time with the moisture in the air and turn amber, brown, or red. This doesn't effect usefulness, except for appearance.

The resin if subjected to cold/freeze cycles may develope crystals which will dissolve if the resin is lightly heated. Again, no impact on usefulness once the crystals are "melted".

Bur you should do a test sample, absolutely.



RE: MAS epoxy shelf life

If I recall, Mas says their resin has no shelf life but the hardener has  a shelf of one year.Ive got some about the same age as yours, I'm using it up on less critical areas that are not dependent on strength but it seems to work just fine

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