varnish scratch and ding touch-up

i wanted to get some advice on touching up some scratches on a hull i completed with a brite finish that is overall in great condition.

i have a couple scratches and nicks from the last season.  the rest of the boat looks fine.  for the nicks...i can see a bit of whiteness underneath which seems to suggest that the resin underneath the brite finish got cracked down to the glass.  these nicks are no bigger than 3 to 4 mm round.

is there a way you recommend fixing these nicks or deeper scratches...nothing down to the wood. 

do you get varnish remover to remove the varnish on the effected areas first before fixing it up with resin? or do you sand down to the glass?  just trying to sort out how to approah this without redoing whole sections and make it all look as good as new if that is possible.

thanks for any advice.


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RE: varnish scratch and ding touch-up

If you use your boat it will get scratched. Keeping it watertight is paramount. I go over the nicks & scratches with epoxy then squeegy off the excess- when dry, sand & varnish. The idea being to fill just the scratch so sanding first is not necessary. 1/2 the time I don't even bother with the varnish. Almost a monthly process. 


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