Cockpit Deck Forms

I'm working on a shearwater sport and shearwater 14, both hybrids, and am installing the deck forms.  The cockpit deck forms are really snug against the sides of the boat, pushing the sides out a bit, and are sitting quite high compared to the other forms.  Should I cut some off of each side of the form so it will fit better in the boat?

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RE: Cockpit Deck Forms

I did a SW Sport Hybrid in December.  I put the forms in according to fit, not an exact meaured location, but square to centerline.  Snug fit, then tacked with hot glue.  I felt I had a good rolling bevel on the sheer clamp, and adjusted up and down to the clamp.  I then used strips and clamped them in place in numerous locations, to make sure the deck was "fair".  Went back and shimmed any gaps, then added more hot glue.  The cockpit worked out spot on, and I am pleased with the shape of the deck. I did my deck without staples, and it was a bit challenging, but am pleased with it.  All that is left is final finishing and fitting hardware, which will be done soon, as I opted to winter in Florida.  Looking forward to launch day.

RE: Cockpit Deck Forms

I second Dave's idea, Just keep the deck "fair" and you should not have a problem.

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