clc new skiff on the horizon

Your new 15 ft skiff looks great. I can't wait to hear how the preliminary testing goes and when it will be available. Does anyone know the exact length and width? Is it typical s&g construction?

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RE: clc new skiff on the horizon

The Peeler Skiff prototype is in the water.  Had a few hours in the boat today with a borrowed 8 horsepower.  With one person aboard, that was good for an average of 15.5mph, most satisfactory for such a small engine!

The Peeler Skiff is super-basic stitch-and-glue.  It measures 15'2" x 6'3".  Hope to have our 15 horsepower mounted this week for further trials with a variety of loads.  We don't have a release date yet.  The vastly detailed instruction manual is under way.  

A bunch of construction and on-water photos are here.

CLC made a stinkpot.  Not April Fool's.

RE: clc new skiff on the horizon

To me, the hardest part of running a trotline for crabbing is how the winds change from sunrise to mid-morning. Next thing you know, you have just enough crosswind to make running the trotline a real pain. The wind wants to blow the bow into the line and the motor has other ideas. How about a small drop-down skeg in the middle of the boat? Admittedly, I crab with a canoe/trolling motor rig and an old 15 foot traveler, so not exactly ideal crabbing boats. But, being able to run a trot-line in a cross wind would be a great quality. A simple drop down skeg would work real well I'd think. Dave

RE: clc new skiff on the horizon

Does the solo helmsman need to sit on center or with the wide beam can he sit to the side abit or does the boat lean? How long of an outboard tiller extension did you use?  Thanks.

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