pre coating plywood planks

I am pre coating the planks with epoxy prior to assembly. I am using MAS slow hardener and MAS resin. It has been two years since I coated with epoxy, and forgotten what a royal pain it is. This stuff spreads like glue (which, I suppose, it is)... anybody try cutting it slightly with acetone or some other product to get it to spread a little easier ?? It would seem that if all you are doing is 'waterpoofing' wood, that should be ok, might even get better penetration into the plywood.


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RE: pre coating plywood planks

In the winter when its cold I will bring the epoxy in the house set by the gas fireplace let it warm up.  Spreds much easier when warm.



RE: pre coating plywood planks

Depending on the brand, it's possible to thin the epoxy with up to 10% lacquer thinner for non-structural uses, i.e., coating wood. Check with the manufacturer first.

However, I wouldn't reccomend it. I tried it about a dozen years ago and it didn't really make that much difference. It wasn't worth the trouble of buying the solvent, measuring it out and mixing it in. It didn't really make that much difference in viscosity. Lance's solution is much better.

Another good cheap solution, especially when precoating flat wooden surfaces, is to use a hard rubber squeegee as the applicator. CLC sells them for a dollar apiece and they work really well. Also easy to clean up - just let the epoxy fully cure and then flex the tool. The epoxy pops right off. Click on the picture for more info.

The best solution, albeit a bit pricey, is to go with a high quality, low viscosity epoxy such as System 3's SilverTip. It's specifically formulated for high strength and low viscosity. Not only is that good for precoating, but it makes it much easier to wet out glass. That stuff is still liquid even after it's begun to kick.

Hope this helps,



RE: pre coating plywood planks

I also would warm my epoxy when it was cool outside. I would measure out the epoxy I was going to use and warm it for 10 or 15 sec in the microwave. I may have only warmed one of the components prior to mixing.

RE: pre coating plywood planks

I've used denatured alcohol before to thin it down not as  a glue but as a finish. The thinner it is, the more coats you'll need. I'm no epoxy expert though ...

RE: pre coating plywood planks

thinning epoxy with laquer thinner, acetone, or denatured alcohol is not a good idea.  Use it straight. Fastest way is what Lazlo said, pour it one and spread it out with a plastic squeegee held a low angle and light pressure. Wait for a spel and tip off bubbles with a cheap natural bristle chip brush.  Epoxy should set with a gloss. Flat damp wood look means you didn't get the coat thick enough.

Best way, in my opinion, is roll it on with a thin yellow foam roller.  No gray or black foam, they self destruct and litter the finish with bits.  Wait and tip off with the cheap brush.

RE: pre coating plywood planks

"Wait and tip off with the cheap brush."

Wait about how long?

Thanks, Hickory

RE: pre coating plywood planks

I look for bubbles in the epoxy as air out gasses from the wood. Timke varies with hardener speed (slow or fast) and air temp, but epoxy should still be wet when you tip. All tipping does is sweep air bubbles off.

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