west epoxy

I am going to try to build from plans this time.  I have the opportunity to get some West Epoxy at dealer cost.  Just want to make sure I get the right stuff.  The base is the 105 with a slow hardener 206.  Anyone familiar with this stuff?  I plan a varnish finish.


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RE: west epoxy

Hi Kim the hardner you will want is west systems 207. The 207 is formulated for clear glass work over wood. the 206 will wet out the glass and set slow but it will not be clear. If you were going to paint over the glass work then 206 will work. for a good brightly finished boat 207 hardner and 105 resin works well a very slight amber tint. I have found MAS to be more clear and hardn slower. Good luck with the build.

RE: west epoxy

West Systems 'slow' hardener is much quicker than MAS so make sure you mix small quantities at any time.  Also, and this may have been a one-time quirk, West seems to cook off at a higher temp than MAS.  Obviously ambient temperature, etc, effects cure rate, but i did a small fill in redwood with West Systems and it got so hot it discolored the wood.

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