Le Tonkinois

I have read some good things about Le Tonkinois varnish made from tung oil and linseed oil. Has anyone on the forum used it?

Thanks - Keith

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RE: Le Tonkinois

While I have no personal experience with it, Barry Long built a couple of Melonseed skiffs and used Le Tonkinois for the bright work. It looks incredible!

You can check out his blog here:  http://www.eyeinhand.com/Marginalia/category/melonseeds/



RE: Le Tonkinois

Interesting stuff - very attractive for several reasons.

But does it provide enough of a UV barrier for our epoxy boats?


RE: Le Tonkinois

Jim - thanks for sending the link. I've started reading through the pages, but have many more to go!

J - I understand Le Tonkinois #1 (newer version) has even more UV protection than the "classic" Le Tonkinois. I'm hoping that it is enough! I have some Interlux Schooner to use up first, but plan on ordering Le Tonkinois when I run out. It can be re-coated in only 8 hours, so it will certainly speed things up.

bye for now - Keith

RE: Le Tonkinois

I've looked for the manufacturer's site but wasn't entirely sure that I had found it. Possibly the following?


Here are some dealers that carry it.

http://www.tarsmell.com/letonkinois_original.html classic
http://www.tarsmell.com/number_one.html #1 more UV protection, faster drying
http://www.letonkinoisvarnish.co.uk/VarMain.html in UK... claims original has good UV protection
http://www.solventfreepaint.com/linseed_varnish.htm in US
http://www.solventfreepaint.ca/linseed_varnish.htm in Canada


PS - I've had my Argie 10 (Practice) in the water eleven times so far. I'm itching to get going on some of the CLC designs. I've had the plans for a WD 10, EP and PocketShip for nearly 2 years! I'll be doing the kayak and the dinghy first.

RE: Le Tonkinois


I am pleased I am not the only one letting plans "age"...


RE: Le Tonkinois

JH - I'm just hoping the "aged" plans haven't changed too much due to humudity / temperature changes! Time will tell.

Jim - thanks again for posting the link to Barry Long's Mellonseed builds. I just finished reading the construction parts the other day, but still catching up with the period from between when he first got got Aeon and Caesura wet and the present. I was very impressed with his work, and I'm glad to see that he is using them and not just admiring them! He didn't have anything bad to say about Le Tonk.

Keith (future WD / EP / Pocketship builder)

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