lumps in my varnish

For whatever reason i am finding lumps in my varnish as i apply it?  not sure why lumps have formed in it, but what is the best way to filter it out?  Some cheesecloth work?   suggestions?   frustrating!

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RE: lumps in my varnish

yep. go down to your local paint store and get some paint filters. Been there, done that. Interlux schooner skins over between applications and so you need to strain it between coats. Maybe not what you've experienced with other varnishes, but it comes out with a nice finish despite the hassle. Dave

RE: lumps in my varnish

Raid your wife's dresser and get yourself a pair of panty hose.  They make great filters.


RE: lumps in my varnish

Thanks guys.   Wish I knew about that issue in advance.   Been annoying!!   Great idea on the panty hose....that should save me a trip if that doesn't cause little fibers to get all into the varnish?    I will give it a try.

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