Hatch location for my Kaholo?

SUP is done!   Now I have the scary task of cutting into it for the round hatch I bought for it (5 inch I think).   I am going to go with that over the breather tube.   Read posts on this some time back.   Have seen it installed on several of them pictured and would like to install one.

One thing I want to make sure of is that I cut the hole in the right spot without hitting a support.   Anyone know if that dimenson?


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RE: Hatch location for my Kaholo?

If you didn't mark it before the deck went on, I'd drill a 1/4" hole in the deck about where you want the hatch, reach in with a bent clothes hanger and find the rib then cover the 1/4" hole with the hatch. SEEYA Jack

RE: Hatch location for my Kaholo?

Yes....that could work!   Thanks.

I figured someone likely has the dimension on the two inner supports I am going between.   But if nobody does than your idea should work.

Appreciate it.

RE: Hatch location for my Kaholo?

I installed my hatch last weekend.  Yes, drill the 1/4 and find the structures.  So that your jig saw does not scratch up the surface of your board cover it's base with two layers of masking tape.  I through bolted mine with number 6 flat head machine screws and nuts so that I could remove it for revarnishing.  I beded mine in "plumbers putty" so that I could easily remove it for revarnishing.  Plumbers putty on a boat!  Well, it does seal Your sink drain and is easy to clean up.  If you silicon it you could have a mess and it is not easy to remove for revarnishing.

RE: Hatch location for my Kaholo?

Would an ultrasonic "stud finder" locate the supports?

RE: Hatch location for my Kaholo?

Was also thinking of a stud finder and may try that!!   I already varnished as I was told to install this last.   So I think I will just silicone it in.   Nervouse about drilling a hole in a place I may not want it or can cover with the hatch.   May try the stud finder.....just surprised that a dimension could not be located that would show where those #2, #3, #4 supports are located?

RE: Hatch location for my Kaholo?

My stringers spacing makes anywhere from 30-43 inches a good spot for the Hatch.

CLC manual says 39.25 to the center of hatch.

Mine is a late model Kit build so I dont know if this helps or not!


RE: Hatch location for my Kaholo?

Thanks!   I didn't see anything mentioned about this in my manual?   I will have to look again.   Anyone install one recently that could measure for me??

RE: Hatch location for my Kaholo?

I was worried this would happen to me, so in the back of the manual I wrote down the measurements so I wouldn't make a mistake. If you still havent' drilled, say something and I'll go take a look at what I write down. Even with that information, it was a leap of faith cutting into the board.



RE: Hatch location for my Kaholo?

As per CLC center of my hatch is 35" from bow


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