Fiberglass issues

In glassing the bottom two strakes of my wherry I had diffculty at the point of transition between strakes 1 and 2; getting the glass to stick where the #1 strakes meet the #2 strakes was hard and I was left with lots of bubbles where the glass hasn't been fixed to the ply.  I've cut this away and sanded the fillets and it all looks pretty good.  As a result of this, the sheet of glass actually stops short of the #2 strakes by about 6mm (0.25").  I don't think this is critical as the vast majority of the glass sheet is good and intact.  Should I run a thin strip of glass to patch this or not bother?  I think I know the answer but would appreciate the expertise of the CLC builders' forum.  Thanks.


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RE: Fiberglass issues

Nope, no reason to do anything else. The 2-3 coats of epoxy to fill the weave and coat the rest of the hull is all you need at this point. 

George K

RE: Fiberglass issues

I had the same challenge on my Wherry a couple weeks ago- frustrating while I was struggling to get the wet glass to lay down flat at that transition.

A couple days later I went to work cleaning that up, removing all the glass and torn up poxy in the groove.  Now its smooth and the lack of glass climbing up the transition I'm sure means nothing to the integrity of the boat.

I hope you are enjoying the process.  By and large, I really am (first build).


RE: Fiberglass issues

The #1 strakes are looking good as I've cut out the glass that had not adhered properly.  I used a Bosch multi tool (a small reciprocating saw that is very safe and not overly aggressive in its cut) that was a huge time saver.  I, too, am enjoying the process, but have to remind myself at times that half of the joy in the boat is in the building of it.  Happy building and thanks again to the tremendous community of builders at CLC.


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