Dark Cedar

I just got my first kit. A clearwater sport hybrid. I only got 2 shades, light and medium even though the catalog says 3. The deck design that I had my heart set on requires light medium and dark. Does anyone know where I can buy some Dark cedar?

I would prefer not to have to stain. If I did stain, wouldn't the stain be removed when I sand the deck before I glass anyway?

Please help me build my dream yak. Any help greatly appreciated.

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RE: Dark Cedar

I get my Cedar from CLC.   They always send me what I ask for in color.  They are my best sourse for cedar of any color.

Lou from south east Michigan.

RE: Dark Cedar

Yes, CLC should be a great option here.


RE: Dark Cedar

CLC is who I ordered from. Just light and medium, no dark.

Very disappointed. :(

RE: Dark Cedar

Then call them on their customer support line and tell them so. They are a very customer-oriented company and will work with you.



RE: Dark Cedar

YEAH!!!!!  Talk with Joe @ CLC. He is awesome. He is extremely knowledgable and helpful. He is getting me the dark I need. The Dream lives on!


Happy Customer.  Thanks Joe!

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