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I was considering getting a Greenland paddle for when I finnish my Shearwater sport hybrid. Might as well have a beautiful paddle to go with a beautiful yak. I don't really know much about Greenland paddles but I'm sure if Eric created it, it is high quality.  How do you judge what size is proper.

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RE: Greenland Paddle

Google Building a Greenland Paddle and you should be able to find instructions on carving your own.  Included are guidelines for dimensions to suit your body.  And, now that you have the instructions, why not carve your own.  Find a nice piece of Western Red Cedar or other light wood and have at it.  I have carved three and they are the only thing I use.

Enjoy, PAG

RE: Greenland Paddle

You should be aware that there is a fundamental problem with Eric's Greenland paddles: they are too beautiful to use. Mine is hanging on the wall in my dining room.  -Wes

RE: Greenland Paddle

General rule is to raise your arm and where you would be able to roll your fingers over the top of the blade that is a well fitting paddle. my suggestion is to try a greenland before you buy or build one as the stroke with a greenland is much different than with a euro paddle.  SEEYA Jack

RE: Greenland Paddle

I agree, build your own. It's a nice companion project and not at all hard or expensive. Plans available on Internet. You should have a spare paddle anyway, the other one can be a euro if you want, that way you can switch off between the two.

RE: Greenland Paddle

I'm building the same boat, and also intending to make a Greenland stick. I'm going to use the drawings from the link below. I'll use a single plank of wrc to start.

RE: Greenland Paddle

I also wanted an authentic paddle to accompany my shearwater sport build...  Shade's is beautiful but i was diassapointred, it was significantly less effective than my regular old,no frills ,euro style.  The killer for me was no drip rings, drove me nuts.  I currently have it hanging in my office.  Sad but true. 

I understand the greenland has rolling advantages vs euro, I plan to try both this summer.

RE: Greenland Paddle

Should be mentioned for a mere $25 for a board you can have a great paddle.  I got tired of paying $150+ for a paddle.


RE: Greenland Paddle

Greenland paddles require a different paddling style. If you're into high-angle sprints, they are not for you. But if you just want to paddle all day without wearing yourself out, they are great. Keep the paddle low, rotate your whole upper body with the paddle, and watch your endurance soar.


RE: Greenland Paddle

I built a greenland paddle to save money using the available plans on the Internet (there is a great video that walks you through the process).  It was completed in under 8 hours.

I did buy a nice piece of WRC, since my time was worth the slight investment.  If you already own a good plane (an electric plane is awesome for this), then you will save some money and get a great paddle.  

The greenland paddle is better for turning and rolling.  It is also great for lazy long distance.

It is unfair to compare a wooden greenland paddle to a carbon fiber Werner.  I like a carbon fiber Werner better, it is so much lighter.  However, I have used a carbon fiber greenland paddle and it was one of the nicest paddles I have ever used.  

Focus on keeping the weight down to a minimum and follow the online instructions.  You won't go wrong.  


RE: Greenland Paddle

I have built 2 paulownia greenland paddles which seem to be as light as my carbon fiber paddles, and definitely lighter than a 3rd storm greenland paddle built out of WRC.  I really like holding a greenland paddle off center when battling off center waves which just keeps the kayak going where you want it to go. 

RE: Greenland Paddle

Drip rings are no problem.  Tie a turks head knot around the blade.  You can slide them whereever works the best   I have mine about 6 inches out from where the loom and blade meet.

Try them.  Can't beat them for price.  I used a length of parachute cord. 

John D

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