Slow-Drying Varnish

I'm finishing my Yak with Epiphanes varnish, thinned with Interlux 333 thinner. The Epiphanes instructions say 3 hours to touch-dry, 24 to recoat. The weather here is cool & rainy, and after 24 hours, the varnish doesn't seem perfectly cured, a little "tender". Will warming the work up with floodlights help? What happens if the previous coat isn't 100% cured before the next?

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RE: Slow-Drying Varnish

Hope the experts will pitch in... But my experience has been that if varnish doesn't cure well, adding more coats will prevent it from ever fully curing (or at least significantly delay the process). 



RE: Slow-Drying Varnish

Using Epifanes I usually give 48 hours minimum to dry then a quick sanding with 320 grit before the next coat goes on. 

 After the final coat I wait a week at least to use it.  It will stay a bit tender to things like roof rack straps and such so be careful the first couple weeks.  Once fully cured its a durable finish.

RE: Slow-Drying Varnish

It sounds like you may be applying varnish under less than ideal conditions, i.e. cool and high humidity. You might want to to check this out:


I'd make sure the 1st coat is "hard" before giving it another.

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