"Smelling" Epoxy

I use Three Systems Epoxy.  I always use a mask even when I use small amounts.  I use 3M 6001 Filters.  I don't smell the epoxy when I use it but for the next couple of days after I can smell the epoxy in my system.

Are there better cartridges I can use that are designed for epoxy?



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RE: "Smelling" Epoxy

I believe that the 3M 6001 cartridges are organic vapor rated, and should be the appropriate ones to use for epoxy.  If you can't smell the epoxy when you use it that's a good sign it's working (the cartridges do need to be replaces occasionally)

I assume you're protecting the rest of you from epoxy so it's not entering your system that way?  I am super-paranoid about chemicals since I tend to be sensitive to them.  I don the full tyvek suit, gloves, full face resporator and shower cap (after getting epoxy in my hair somehow) whenever I use it.  I actually put on 2 pairs of gloves - one pair of kitchen-type rubber gloves under the tyvek suit (keeps the wrists protected) and then I put a pair of the thin disposable latex type over top.  That way I can just peel off the latex ones when I'm done and the rubber gloves are in good shape and ready for the next use. I actually wear the outfit when I'm sanding too - I can just take it all off and my clothes/hair are in decent shape and I don't track the mess into the house or into the washing machine.

It's odd that you can still smell it after several days.  Could it be possible that odors are entering your house from your work area?  I know that any fumes from my garage easily get into our house through the heating/cooling system (I don't use fume-producing stuff in the garage for this reason). 

RE: "Smelling" Epoxy

I think Kathy's on the right track. If you're wearing less than her spacesuit getup, any exposed hair can absorb the odor and re-release it. I've had the smell come from my beard between taking off the mask and taking a shower. Don't forget your clothes - they could also be trapping the smell.

The fact that you don't smell it while wearing the mask indicates that it's working.



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