Sail Rig Aka Construction Question

I'm in the process of building a Sail Rig, and a Chesapeake 17. It's my first attempt at boat building, and I'm learning quite a bit as I go.

I have built the mold for the sail rig akas, and have the akas sitting in the mould. 

I am a bit nervous about how long they should sit in the mold.  While I'm eager to move onto the next step, I want to make sure they sit in the mold as long as they have to be.  I was planning to leave them in the mold for a week - would that be long enough, or is more time required?

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RE: Sail Rig Aka Construction Question

First off congrats on getting the sailrig and whats more for a highly capable kayak.


If I recall, Harris suggests two weeks in the jig. I think I read it somewhere in the MKII construction book or maybe it was the MKI?  I had both plans but built the MKII.  At anyrate, a solid two weeks is more than enough. I have made to date four seperate akas, and after 2 weeks they NEVER relaxed into a flatter shape. After two weeks, what you unclamp is what you get. 


A tip here:  I dont know about other builders but I NEVER was able to have ALL the wood strips lay completely flat and one was always higher or lower than the other and so fourth. Well I did the snails pace route of correcting it. I put on sa 60 grit sandpapaer on my orbital and SLLOOWWLLYYY sanded em all level.


What wasted time.


If you have aka strips that are a little off too get out that block plane and plane that baby flat. Way faster and better.  Oh itll need sanding still, but you arent resculpting the damned things.


Last tip:  Dont be surprised if you have little slivers between the aka strips where maybe the epoxy missed. Pour some unthickened epoxy here, let it set over night - sand the next day.


These akas are beastly strong. Under wave action they can flex but they are all that.


Keep us posted!!! And, be patient and work carefully. When you see how effortlessly and silently that craft slips through the water - and quick - youll be so glad you did.


RE: Sail Rig Aka Construction Question

Thanks Pete!  I appreciate the tips.  I will post progress updates as I move forward.

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