Skerry mast & spars specs


I am about to put in a small balanced lug sai for my Chester Yawl, strictly for downwind... I've been told that the CY was once offered with a sailing rig and this is now the Skerry / passagemaker rig.

Anyway, the plan is to build the mast and spars from Doug fir or similar from my local lumber yard and could use some advice and information on build, materials, etc. 

How tall is the Skerry mast? How thick? Does it taper? Weight? Likewise, some specs for the spars as well. Of course, trying to get everything as light as possible to keep CE down, especailly the upper... my CY is only 42" at the beam.

Any advice and information much appreciated-


Thanks & cheers,


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RE: Skerry mast & spars specs


Easiest way to get the complete and correct information is to go to this page, select "Plans & Manual" and click on "Add to Cart".

Alternatively, you could try calling the CLC support number and asking them about buying just the page that has the sail rig info.

If you really want to reduce the weight, build it from carbon fiber. You should be able to bring in the mast at a couple or 3 pounds.





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