wood duck 10 forms alignment

I am stitching together my first wood duck 10 from full size plans. I am finding that the lines for the temporary form 8.5 and bulkhead don't line up correctly from the side and bottom panels. I went back and measured back from the plans bow to the temporary form to check the provided lines on the plans and get 37 13/16" on the side panel and 38 1/8" on the bottom. I think it might be a plan error, but thought I would see if anyone else has seen this problem or if maybe has encountered the same thing and it is my error instead. The from 1.5 looks right. I figure I will just make the form stand up straight and drill new holes. Any comments would be appreciated.


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RE: wood duck 10 forms alignment

CORRECTION FORMS 3 AND 7 in the middle.


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