Shipping a Duckling

I'll need to ship a completed Wood Duckling from the East Coast to the West Coast in August. Before I embark on research aimed at reinventing the wheel, does anyone have experiernce-based suggestions on how to do it (or how not to do it)? How to pack it? Who to use? Could it be that this is the excuse I need to drive from New Jersey to Southern California to visit my grandchildren? Have I done the functional equivalent of building a boat in the basement? Any suggestions will be welcome.



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RE: Shipping a Duckling

I once delivered a white water canoe across four states for a nominal fee (basically an exchange of services). I was already heading that way and it required me to only go a small distance out of my way. You might check with paddling groups and see if someone is heading out west. Or possibly someone on this forum is going that way and would be willing to transport it.

RE: Shipping a Duckling

Check with greyhound. I have found they sometimes will ship if they have room.

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