Varnish Buffing

Just applied my last coat of scooner varnish on my WD12H . It looks like a little dust has made it aboard . Could I give the finish a final buffing? Is it necessary ? And how would it be done ?  

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RE: Varnish Buffing

I agonize over my varnish work,  I have a larger sailboat with a fair amount of brightwork on it.  Varnishing my SW sport Hybrid, I know every spec of dust, brush stroke, heavy spots, etc.  They all went away when I started using it.  I think, unless it is going in a museum or a show, it is unimportant to have a little dust.  Enjoy what you did, and learn to accept the compliments that you will get, gracefully

RE: Varnish Buffing

you can certainly buff those bits of dust out. With all my preparation moving the kayak to the basement, vacuuming and mopping, I still ended up with some dust particles. But after 6 months of use, the dust specks have been replaced with scuffs from paddle float re-entry practice, the cockpit coaming is getting pretty dinged up and the bottom is really scratched and scruffed. So, I'm resigned to a yearly varnish touch-up and probably a bottom recoat. I agree with dave10990, unless you're building a show boat, don't worry about it. Once you get it into the water, you'll never see those offending dust particles again.  Dave

RE: Varnish Buffing

Automotive rubbing compound works. Try different application materials[cotton, cheese cloth etc.] and do it by hand. Wax can also be applied & buffed out however it could potentially mess with touch-up coats in the future.


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