plastic squeegee

I used the last of my plastic squeegees last night glassing the cockpit. I'm still going to need to glass the hull. Is there a way to clean the squeegees for reuse or do I have to buy new ones?

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RE: plastic squeegee

Usually I just let the epoxy thoroughly cure and it pops right off when the squeegee is flexed.



RE: plastic squeegee

What Laszlo said. Then, if the edge is a little ragged use your block plane to clean it up.



RE: plastic squeegee

Have used the same squeegee on 3 kayaks and a surfboard. 

RE: plastic squeegee

Also, bear in mind that Harbor Freight sells these plastic squeegees in a package of 20 for $7.99:

Think of all the boats you could build with just one package!


RE: plastic squeegee

I cut a slot in a plastic milk bottle and swipe my squeegee through the newly made slot.  When done let the epoxy dry and bend it slightly and the cured epoxy will pop right off.




Chenango Pete

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