Newbie help on scarf joints please?

I'm just starting building a Sassafras 12 kit and I'm strugging with joining the strakes at the scarf joint.  The first one I did, I overlapped slightly too much, and sanding it smooth put me through the veneer on the plywood.  So I will either need to redo that strake, or paint the boat.

The second one I did is better, but far from 'good' in my mind.

I guess I just don't have a good feel for how much overlap is 'right' on the scraft joint, and how to get the right amount of glue in to be a strong bond, but not so much glue that it deforms the wood.

Hope that makes sense.  If anybody has advice on how to glue those scraft joints consistently I would gladly take it.  Thank you!

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RE: Newbie help on scarf joints please?

Clamp one of the panels to the table (or floor if you're working there) and position the other panel so the scarfs are on top of each other. Take a good metal straight edge and put it over the scarf so it touches both panels. Slide the free panel back and forth till there are no gaps under the straight edge on either side. Clamp the free panel so it won't slide but so that you are still able to lift it enough to get epoxy in the joint. Once it's glued, clamp the scarf joint. This should give you level scarfs that require little sanding.

George K

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