Down haul on the MKIII

I had my first sail with the MKIII on my LT17. I'll post observations later. But now I need to ask how to rig the down haul on the mainsail. The main sail has grommets along the sail tracks that seem to match the reef points. I rigged my downhaul sheet to the top of the sail. It runs through the grommets to the tie off at the aka. But I do not get a nice luft in the sail like that when reeling. The tension was not pulling along the luft from the grommets, just the top of the sail.

How do you rig the down haul?

Tomorrow I drive this to California and can't wait to get this in the ocean. 

Thanks for any suggestions. 

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RE: Down haul on the MKIII

??? A downhaul usually runs through a grommet about a foot or so above the boom and down again to a cleat. Mine is tied to an eye below the gooseneck, up to grommet (~1' above gooseneck on sail) down through goosneck, around a small cheek block up to cleat. It tensions the luff of the sail when drawn tight.  

RE: Down haul on the MKIII

Right. In this case the sail has three grommets. One is the tack, one further up towards the head about even with the first reef point. One more further up at the same level as the second reef point. I went ahead and ran the down haul the full length of the sail to the helped since I did not lube the track but I don't think I'll keep it that way. At the tack I have it so it provides some slack all way to the head, but allows me to pull the luft tight when the sail is fully deployed. 

My question is how to rig it so when reefed, the luft can be pulled tight at each reef?

Thanks for helping. 

RE: Down haul on the MKIII

Sorry, I mean luff, not luft.

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