is perfection possible?

I'm just about done with the Hull on my Shearwater Sport Hybrid. Just wanted to know if there is a way to get a perfect layer of epoxy down. I put the epoxy down with a chip brush and then thin and smooth with a squeege. I don't get any runs or drip but there is usaully some fine lines left from the squeege. I know I'm probably bieng overly critical but if I can get a better look by doing something different I will try it. 

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RE: is perfection possible?

Perfection may be possible but why would you want it? You are building a boat, not an piece of heirloom furniture. It will get scratched and dinged and will still look spectacular after years of use. -Wes

RE: is perfection possible?

I agree with Wes, but if you want to get it a little smoother you might try applying with a high-density foam roller.  This will probably require some "tipping off" of bubbles with a foam brush.  It worked well for me.  You are going to have to sand it before applying paint or varnish, which should get it pretty smooth.  But referring once more to Wes's post, don't get too obsessed about it because the first time you take it out is probably when you'll get your first ding or scratch.

RE: is perfection possible?

Yeah, I know you are right Wes. I just need to take it easy and stop trying to be such a perfectionist. I just need to be happy with trying my best. I'm turning this 120hr boat into a 220hr boat LOL!

RE: is perfection possible?

Thanks Diving Duck,  I followed your advice and it turned out awesome!

RE: is perfection possible?

Congratulations Kayakris! Now that you are finished, we can tell you that perfection is indeed possible - Nick Schade does it consistently. I would not want to paddle one of his boats, though, for fear of inflicting that first scratch.


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