Has anyone applied decals to deck BEFORE glassing? Problems?

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RE: Decal

Applied before glassing - no problems

RE: Decal

For small decals like that, I guess there's not much of a problem, but structurally, there are some issues. The decal prevents a firm epoxy/fiberglass bond with the wood. I would put the decal on top of the last epoxy coat or maybe after the first varnish coat.  Dave

RE: Decal

Problem with putting it under the last epoxy coat or just under varnish is that you'll tend to sand into it and then it's toast.  Put it under the cloth.

RE: Decal

Definately under the cloth.   I generally just wet the surface, then apply the decal, then wet over it again.   The risk of sanding through it is indeed an issue so keep it as low as possible.

I did some fun stuff with printing of various things on rice paper and it can be a pretty cool way to personalize your boat.

RE: Decal

I think the issue revolves on the nature of the "decal".  If printed on rice paper the epoxy will penetrate and bond easily.  A plastic decal would prevent bonding.  


RE: Decal

Regarding sanding the decal, just don't do it. Hit it with some fine steel wool to clean and dull the surface.  

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