Electric trolling motor on Chester Yawl?

Does anybody ot there know whether the transom of a Chester yawl will handle a light (22 lbs>) electric trolling motor?

I want to build one this winter, but if it can't handle the motor, I might decide against it.

Any advice from CLC staff?  Chester yawl owners?  Anyone who has tried using a trolling motor on any CLC boat?

Thanks in advance for any helpful reponse.



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RE: Electric trolling motor on Chester Yawl?

Works great with a few minor tweaks! I have a CY that I use with a Minn Kota C30 that weighs 17lbs.   To ensure the transom weight is distributed, I take two 12" x 10" x 3/4" scrap wood pieces and hang on either side of the transom in the center, then screw the motor mount on like a sandwich. Join the scraps with two strips of line or webbing so they strattle the transom to stay put while mounting motor. Your 22lb motor shouldn't make much difference. A higher thrust motor could stress the transom at some point. Mine is a 30lb thrust and shows no signs of trouble after 15 uses (crazing, flexing, etc). 55lbs would make me nervous or want to cut the scraps to nest the transom at its hull reinforcement points.

What does impact the CY is the placement of the weight from the battery the driver too far aft. My battery is over 50lbs and I am 200lbs. I usally have a guest or two in the bow, so it isn't a problem I've fixed yet. However, here are my plans for solo use: 

Battery Cable extension: The C30 has about 5-6ft of battery cable coming off the motor. I plan to rig a 5-7ft extention to place the battery as far forward as the floation chamber to balance weight.  

Tilller extension: To reach the tiller, I have to sit far enough back that the bow comes up out of the water. A simple PVC pipe can be fit to extend and let you sit anywhere you like. More attractive tiller extensions can be found online or custom made.



Chester Y'all

Baton Rouge, LA


RE: Electric trolling motor on Chester Yawl?


You are a life-saver!  I have posted this question a few times and received no response.  Thus your detailed response is much appreciated.

I was thinking about some kind of cross transom rig to alleviate the strain. Your idea, though, is great.  I will also consider the extension ideas.

My motor develops 34 lbs. of thrust, so it should not be a problem.

Just curious:  what is the mph with your motor?

Once again, thanks for your extremely helpful response.


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