adding tape to the keel

As usual I have a few deep scratches in my bottom paint. I typically just sand a bit and paint over. However, I have a small area (~1" long) on the bow- keel line where it has rubbed down to the wood. I want to add some epoxy & tape.

Can I just sand & scuff up the paint where I want to add the fiberglass tape or do I need to remove all of the Brightside paint before adding tape & epoxy? Or would it be easier to seal the spot w/epoxy and use Keel Easy tape?


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RE: adding tape to the keel

You should remove all the paint before adding epoxy. You might also consider mixing the epoxy with graphite powder and using Dynel cloth instead of fiberglass to prevent the problem from recurring. This material is sold by CLC as a "rubstrip kit" and works very well. You can see photos of how I retrofitted it to a Brightside painted hull at Scroll to the end of the page. After three years of use it shows no signs of wear. -Wes

RE: adding tape to the keel

You could also add a carbon/graphite skid to the bottom of the keel.  It blends in nicely with the existing carbon/graphite coated bottom.  Spar material at most hobby shops.  Worked at Bowron dragging my Shearwater over the trails.

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