Sailrig design question... sliding seat?

When the winds blowing hard and the bow [of ANY sailing kayak] begins to bury into the waves its usually a call to reef down a bit. But, is there virtue in another method...

What if the MKII sailrigged kayak had a LONGER cockpit where by the sailor could move a full seat position backwards and lighten the bow by doing so?

Is there benefit to this modification or is it merely burying the stern  and not helping overall speed?  If it IS a worthy idea, how far back would you extend the cockpit?

Thanks in advance!!



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RE: Sailrig design question... sliding seat?

I am no expert on sailing and since no one has answered your question so far, I'll give it a shot. At first is seems like a good idea. More from the point of view of testing and getting the boat balanced in the wind. But, assuming you  are sailing in big water, you are probably going to want a spray skirt and you'll need to have a spray skirt that fits your custom cockpit. And then it still gets back to how the boat handles. You may move the bow up a bit out of the water, but you've also moved the hull's lateral center of pressure aft,  causing the boat to want to turn more down wind, which, depending on the degree, may not be desireable. Do some google searches on sailboat center of effort.  Cheers! Dave

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