WEST six10 heads up

Best thing since sliced bread for "tacking" panels between stitches. Appears to be compatible with MAS (same 2:1 mix ratio) even when neither are cured. Good for extended operations since the product in the tip is the only part that is cooking.

UNFORTUNATELY - it appears that WEST has not fixed it's tip problems. After only about 10 to 15 min. of continuos use it became extremely hard to get anything out. Looking through the tip at a strong light it seems that some of the latice work of baffles that does the mixing had collasped blocking the tip. After removing the tip there was still about 2 oz. left in the cartridge. 

This glitch, plus the fact that each cartridge only holds 190ml (6.5 oz.), plus the fact that you lose at least an ounce of prodect charging the tip along with what is trapped in the tip when the cartridge is empty makes this stuff as expensive to use as French purfume.

Anyone have a good link to WEST? I think a dope slap is due.

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RE: WEST six10 heads up

Used up my second tube and found the same results. It appears that although the two parts don't mix until they enter the tip enough mixed epoxy hangs arround in the tip so that  in about 35-40 miniuts it starts to set and you are pretty much done.

Better off  mixing your own and using a syringe.

RE: WEST six10 heads up

The product is fine for many purposes, although I think it's marketed too broadly. It's not good for general use (as you've found), but its really useful for repairs or time sensitive bonding. If you don't regularly carry your crate of resin cans, fillers, mix cups and sticks, then a caulking gun and tube can be a useful field kit instead. Or, if you need to get a whole lotta lineal feet of bead on a gluing surface -say gluing a deck assembly to a hull assembly- then avoiding the hassle of mixing and pastry bagging several batches can be helpful.


Also, for the epoxy ignorant, the goof proof packaging makes first time repairs cheaper and more accessible- no need to buy a full kit of epoxy gear.

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