Cockpit opening

I'm nearing the end of my Chesapeake 17 hybrid, but my fears have come true despite a few months of denial. My cockpit opening/coaming is 1/2" to 3/4" longer than the space between the forward deckbeam and the aft bulkhead.

Suggestions??? Please!!!

I obviously cannot go into the aft compartment, so that means moving "forward." The two options I can think of are: 1) cut into/through the deckbeam and have the coaming be the bridging support for the deck, or 2) cut 1 or 2 pieces of 16" radius out of plywood, epoxy them and then glue them (maybe screw them too) to the existing deckbeam before cutting out the cockpit and the portion of deckbeam (the new pieces wouldn't span the boat - just cover the gap and then a bit more).


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RE: Cockpit opening

Call CLC. Many of us have made our cockpits larger.  They will tell you what to do.


RE: Cockpit opening

If it were my boat, which it isn't, I would carefully cut the deck beam out of the hull. Then move it forward a few inches, reshape it, and re-epoxy it back in. As previously stated many modifications have been done, moving bulkheads etc.

RE: Cockpit opening

Do you really need a deck beam with a stripped deck? Its needed for a ply deck but not stripped. I don't have one in my hybrid Cirrus and I'm not aware of the mainstream stripper models having one.

If you really need it just cut it and move it.



RE: Cockpit opening

How about cutting a new slightly larger cockpit rim from a piece of ply? That would be easier.

RE: Cockpit opening

Craig is correct. You don't need it for a stripped deck is the answer I got from CLC. It came in the box and the CH17 instructions (during hull construction) said put it in, so I did before switching to the shearwater hybrid instructions. This is the first "bad/unhelpful" result of building from two instruction manuels. It usually has been helpful to see two different viewpoints. IMHO, the CH instructions are much better. Maybe someday CLC will make a dedicated CH hybrid instruction manuel.

The advise from CLC was to cut through the deckbeam that is wasn't needed. If the deck doesn't seem firm/sturdy, they said I could firm it up underneath with ply strips which they would hook me up with.

The plan is to do it this weekend. I also think the combing will bridge and firm up the gap in the deckbeam.

I'll post if there are problems or needed support from underneath the deck. Otherwise it will be no news is good news.


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