S & G Kayak vs Available materials

Hi folks.  I have a situation here in Ukraine.  I've been doing some searching around and shopping at home stores, etc and thus far the thinnest plywood I've found is 7mm.

If that ends up being what I have to use, what Kayak would you good folks recommend I try to build here?  Bear in mind that getting a kit here will not happen (I already spoke with John Harris) so it'll be Plans & a Manual only.

I can find the glass, epoxy and varnish or paint I'll need.  Its just the plywood that seems to be hard to track down and forget about okume.  Its going to be whatever I can find to get the separation between the glass layers.  I may even have to settle for some with a few voids, but I'm still researching so who knows.

Anyway, based on the above, which yak would you try to build for some day touring for a 6' 190 lber?



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RE: S & G Kayak vs Available materials

You are going to find it very difficult to twist 7mm plywood into the shapes required for most s&g kayaks. You might do better with a strip-built boat, as you can cut strips from any avaiable wood. They do not have to be cove and bead, as long as you have a plane and plenty of time.

If you must go the stitch and glue route, look at the Ganymede. My daughter and I built one and are very pleased with its performance. You will need to build the highest of the three sizes shown on the plans.

If you still find it difficult to bend the thicker plywood, try cutting slits part way through the wood on the inside of the bend.

Good luck, and please keep us posted of your progress. -Wes

RE: S & G Kayak vs Available materials

Thanks Wes.  You don't have to tell me twice how stiff 7mm will be.  I'm hoping to get a couple built this Winter (thus the S & G want) so we can get paddiling come Spring.

Still researching and MAY find 3 or 4 mm around, just have to beat the bushes.  I do eventually want to do a stripper or two, but want to try S & G to get my feet wet (well, paddles wet) first.

RE: S & G Kayak vs Available materials

The Ganymede that my daughter and I built from plans only took about 60 hours. I think you could build two at the same time in less than 100 hours. The bends are very easy on this design, and could probably be done in 7mm. You can see photos and narrative of our experience at http://twofootartist.com/ganymede-construction-notes/ -Wes

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