Squaring transom and closing gap between planks.

This is my first time building a boat, the Chester Yawl.
I have finally stitched all 12 planks and joined the bow planks, together.
Two questions came up relative to the next step:
1. How do I ensure the transom is hung square (before stitching it in place) with the centerline of the boat and also in the vertical axis? (Given that the planks are lined-up at the bow but not at the stern and that the whole thing is still resting on sawhorses)
2. All planks are stitched together, and  the bow as well as 2/3rd of the boat aft are resting on sawhorses. At this stage, there is a 3 mm gap between the two number one planks and as much as 1/4 inch gap between planks two and three on both sides (plank does not fit fully in rabbet). How do I correct this? I gradually tightened the boards from plank one outward and broke numerous stitches in the process. Any more tightening might rip the plywood around the drilled hole.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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RE: Squaring transom and closing gap between planks.

A different boat, but I used combinations of straps, clamps, ratchets and spreader beams. The wires are to hold it in once the strapping has pulled the panels in. Here's a picture https://forum.fyneboatkits.co.uk/viewtopic.php?id=167

RE: Squaring transom and closing gap between planks.

It is said that "a picture is worth a thousand words," so thank you for the linked picture! That might indeed help me with the second question of closing the gap, although not for the middle of the boat where the frames are not yet in place.

Thank you much!

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